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Center Air Pilot Academy is a flight school with over 30 years of experience in training EASA-approved professional pilots through the traditional ATPL pilot training. We emphasize having a strong professional training environment and are at the forefront of new trends in education, technology, and pedagogy.

Pilot training and MPL (Multi-crew Pilot License) are core competencies at CAPA. We are one of Scandinavia’s largest and leading flight schools, providing a professional pilot education for future aviators.

One of the strengths of the flight school is its close connection to many Danish and international airlines. The school’s approximately 40 permanent and freelance flight instructors work in airlines worldwide, and the management consists entirely of professional pilots who understand what it takes to secure a job in aviation. They are familiar with the challenges and requirements of aviation in their daily lives. It is crucial that this knowledge is passed on to the next generation of pilots. Common among these experienced instructors is their affiliation with the flight school because of their enthusiasm. Several of these instructors completed their own pilot training at CAPA and have returned to teach their future colleagues.

CAPA is based at Copenhagen Airport – Roskilde, in a campus-like environment with 55 student rooms spread across 5 student houses. It is important for us to create a secure and solid framework for education, allowing the possibility of becoming a professional pilot and instructor at various levels. Roskilde Airport is an optimal airport for flight training for several reasons. Among other things, the airport has intersecting runways, meaning that the wind rarely hinders the conduct of flight lessons.

The practical part of the training is conducted on a fleet of Piper aircraft (Cadet and Seneca) and Diamond (40/42). Throughout the training, a significant amount of synthetic flight training/fly simulator is also used. The advantage of incorporating simulator training is that we can efficiently practice scenarios that can only be discussed in the aircraft, use time more effectively, and implement a concluding Jet Orientation Course, thus graduating our pilots at the level desired by airlines.

If you are interested in learning more about the training for a commercial pilot, you can sign up for one of our information meetings here.

You can also become a pilot for a day by visiting our state-of-the-art B737 or A320 flight simulators – an experience you won’t soon forget! Click here to read more.

Since the Center Air Pilot Academy is an established school with a stable financial foundation, we have chosen to be part of the “Good Practice 1” scheme by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency. This means that you do not pay in advance for your education with us but instead pay a fixed amount retrospectively each month. Read more: more here.

If you want to fly professionally, you must first be trained professionally!

Succes COMPANY 2019

We are proud to have won the Success Company 2019 award in the Region of Zealand, and we will continue to work humbly with our primary task and priority, which is to train the world’s best pilots!

See here what our response is to winning the award!


TV2 Lorry visited Center Air Pilot Academy as part of their program series “Viljen til Succes” (The Will to Success).

You can watch the segment in the video below.
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