Future as a Pilot

It is difficult to predict the future, but forecasts both inside and outside European aviation point to a major expansion of air traffic, and in combination with forthcoming very large retirements, there will continue to be a great need for new hires of young qualified pilots. Cf. forecasts from Boeing and Airbus will need 500,000 new pilots by 2033, which is such a large number that at present. training facilities are not enough to live up to that estimate.

Due to the general financial situation as well as a Corona Pandemic, over the last few years it has been difficult for many to get the financing in place and it has resulted in some very small vintages. This is of great concern to the industry, which is convinced that it will not be long before we see a normalized aviation, and there will be a risk of canceled departures due to lack of pilots.

The requirement for newly hired pilots is basically a quality education, as well as to some extent additional relevant flight experience. CAPA attaches great importance to doing everything possible to help the newly trained pilots further into their jobs. Among other things, we make sure to maintain a good dialogue with a large number of airlines, so that we can constantly adapt the training to the needs of the industry for a professional pilot.

CAPA is audited and accredited by SunClass Airlines, SAS / CityJet, Lufthansa Cityline, Norwegian / OSM, Wizz Air and Air Greenland. Aspirants who meet other employment requirements can apply directly after completing their education in CAPA, without the general experience requirement for flight hours being met. In addition, a large number of companies accept CAPA pilots directly from the school, based on the general quality training they provide.

CAPA students/instructors work here:

SAS, Air Greenland, DAT, Northflying, Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air, Norwegian, Flyr, Airseven, Arik Air, Air Contractors, Bavarian, ASL, Air Baltic, DHL, Star Air, IJM, Wizz Air, SunClass Airlines, Atlantic Airways, Maximus, Jet4You, TUI, Safi Air, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Bremenfly, Emirates, Wideroe, Jet Time, Bio flight, Air Alsie, Iraqi Airways, COWI, Sun Air, Regional Jet m.fl.

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