Gift cards

Gift cards for A320, B737-800, B737 XJ or ATR simulator (only on request)

Get air under the wings while still maintaining ground connection with a flight lesson at Center Air Pilot Academy. The flight simulator is used daily to train professional pilots.

Have you always had a small dream of becoming a pilot, or do you just want to try it for a single day? Now you have the opportunity to live out the dream with a unique flight lesson in a B737-800 simulator.

The simulators are used daily to train professional pilots, but with this offer you can try for yourself what it feels like to sit behind the controls in the cockpit.

A very special experience

CAPA, in collaboration with FunFlight, gives you a unique opportunity to live out your dream of sitting in the cockpit of a large passenger jet. You will be allowed to take off, fly and land one of the air’s most popular airplanes.

There is room for 2 people to fly together, but it is possible to bring guests on the jump seat.

In continuation of the B737 simulator, there is also a “cabin” with 18 seats.

The individual packages can be booked for individual people or groups.

So hurry up and get to www.funflight.dk and make your dream come true.