Our Flight simulators

CAPA currently has over 4 FNPT-II very good and very realistic flight simulators, i.e., a B737 and an A320 simulator. In addition, there are several smaller simulators available for our students to use for free. This puts us at the forefront of the latest technology in Multi Crew Training.

The advantage of using these high-tech simulators is that we can both optimize the training significantly, but that and we can to a greater extent prepare our pilots on how they will subsequently be trained and tested in the airlines.

FNPT-II B737-800

Type: B737-800


Make: A320

The A320 simulator has been approved by the authorities, and was praised in the approval for being one of the best they had flown!


Type: B737 XJ

Our XJ simulator is convertible between a B737-800, which is one of aviation’s most widely used aircraft, as well as an ATR.

FNPT-II King Air Setup

Type: King Air