Campus at the flight school

As a pilot aspirant at CAPA, you can live on one of the school’s campuses. We offer a nice campus environment, where you live with your fellow students and school facilities within walking distance. Many students choose to live at the school during their education, as this contributes to strong networking and good peers, but also provides an opportunity to read with and get help from fellow students.

The Alpha, Bravo and Charlie campuses are in close proximity to CAPA’s main building. Here, all rooms are unfurnished, and each campus has a shared kitchen, living room, shower and toilet, etc.

The price for a (unfurnished) room is DKK 3,500.

Cloud Base West and East are located a little further down Lufthavnsvej at Roskilde airport. Here the rooms are furnished/partially furnished and the campus has slightly larger common facilities. The Cloud Base campus is a larger campus building with approx. 35 rooms.

The price for a (furnished) room is DKK 3,600.

All prices are incl. water/heating/electricity and wireless internet.