During your course, you can choose to stay at the school.

CAPA offers a total of 45 rooms, of which half are unfurnished and are distributed in the 3 colleges located in close proximity to CAPA. All 3 houses have shared kitchen, living room bathroom and toilet m.v.

The other half of the rooms are part of the Cloud Base College, which is a little further down the Airport Road at Roskilde Airport. At Cloud Base, the rooms are furnished / partially furnished and have slightly larger common facilities, including a bar that can be used by all students.

Prices for the unfurnished rooms are 3,300, - and 3,400, - for the furnished rooms at the Cloud Base. All prices are incl. water / heating / electricity and wireless internet.

Many students are very pleased to stay at school during education, in addition to the fact that there is always someone to train / read with, it contributes to a strong network and friends for life.