Flight Instructor

We experience a great interest in becoming a flight instructor (FI), which not only provides many with great flying experiences but is also beneficial to include on one’s CV!

If you are interested in becoming a flight instructor, CAPA can help you as well. We typically organize a course every autumn/winter, so the new instructors are ready for spring.

Flight Instructor: Teaching process and requirements for the education

The course consists of a theoretical part with 125 hours of classroom instruction on “Teaching and Learning.” This takes place during the day and concludes with an exam administered by the Danish Transport Authority. After passing the theory, the practical flight training consists of 30 hours, conducted individually, and concludes with an exam administered by the Danish Transport Authority.

Admission requirements: According to EASA, Part FCL, the following criteria must be met before the start of the course. You must be: Holder of CPL(A) or ATPL(A) Holder of PPL(A) and have at least 200 flight hours. Of these, at least 150 hours as PIC.

For both of the above, you must have acquired at least 30 hours on a single-engine aircraft. Of these, at least 5 hours must have been flown within the last 6 months. The later mentioned “Pre Entry Flight Test” does not count.

  • Have passed the CPL(A) theory exam
  • Have completed at least 10 hours of instrument flight training as a student. Maximum 5 hours of these may be synthetic flight training.
  • Have performed at least 20 hours of navigation flying as PIC, including 1 flight of 540 km (300 NM), where a ‘full stop landing’ must be made at 2 different airfields en route.
  • Have passed a so-called ‘Pre Entry Flight Test’ with a qualified EASA instructor. This Flight Test is based on a Proficiency Check and must be passed before the course starts.

On the basic instructor training, which grants the right to instruct PPL, additional privileges can be added as experience level increases.

If you are a commercial pilot and do not have FI(A), according to EASA regulations, there is an opportunity to become an IRI (Instrument Rating Instructor). Contact us to learn more.