Flight instructor

We experience that there is great interest in training as a flight instructor (FI), which for many provides some good flying experiences, but it is also good to be able to write on your CV!

If you want to become a flight instructor, CAPA can also help you. We typically run a course every fall/winter, so new instructors are ready for spring.

Flight instructor: Training course and requirements for the education

The course consists of a theoretical part of 125 hours of class teaching “Teaching and Learning”. This takes place during the day and ends with a test taken before the Danish Transport Authority. After passing theory, the practical flights of 30 hours follows. This part is carried out individually and ends with a test taken before the Danish Transport Authority.

Admission requirements:
According to EASA, Part FCL, the following criteria must be met before course start. You have to be:
Holder of CPL(A) or ATPL(A)
Holder of PPL(A) and have at least 200 flight hours. Of which at least 150 hours as PIC.

For both of the above, you must have acquired at least 30 hours on a single-engine aircraft. Of these, at least 5 hours must have flown within the last 6 months. The later mentioned “Pre-Entry Flight Test” does not count.

Have passed the CPL (A) theory exam
Have acquired at least 10 hours of instrument flight training as a student. Max. 5 hours of these may be synthetic flight training.
Have performed at least 20 hours of navigational flight, as PIC including 1 flight of 540 km (300 NM), where “full stop landing” must be made at 2 different airports along the way.
Have passed a so-called “Pre-Entry Flight Test” with a qualified EASA instructor. This Flight Test is based on a Proficiency Check – and must be passed before the course starts.
In the basic instructor education that gives the right to school PPL, in line with increasing level of experience, further rights can be continued as a result.

Are you a commercial pilot and do not have FI(A) – then according to the EASA rules you have the possibility of becoming an IRI(Instrument Rating Instructor). Contact us to hear more.