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MPL - Multi-crew-Pilot License - is a pilot education that centered around a multi-crew concept, which as a whole happens at a flight school in close cooperation with an airline and serves the purpose of joining the airline directly as a first officer at the end of training.

MPL is based on "Competency Based Training" more so than just hours of experience and aims towards a job in a two-pilot concept. This means that during the entire education the pilot cadets will focus on larger aircraft such as Airbus or Boeing, rather than smaller planes which only few pilots will continue to fly after finishing the education. The only flight test to pass as a MPL cadet is the typerating.

A large part of the pilot education will take place in approved simulators instead of smaller aircraft, where it is possible to simulate certain events and not just talk about the theoretical side of it. Furthermore it is naturally a much better environment to train CRM (Crew Resource Management) as an integrated part of the flying.

From the beginning of the education there is a great amount of focus on human factors. It is said that 80% of all accidents/incidents in the air is due to human error. How to cooperate best within the cockpit and with the cabin is a focus area from the beginning of the MPL training.

mcc-xjWe are proud to say that it was CAPA who was the first ATO worldwide to graduate MPL pilots back in 2006. Our cooperation was such a big success that many other schools and airlines across the globe are using our experiences as foundation for their MPL course this day.