Preparation and application

For the moment CAPA only train students who speak Danish or one of the other Scandinavian languages. However we are in the progress of changing that. Please contact us for further information.

In order to become a pilot student at CAPA you have to pass our internal admission test. The admission test has been developed in cooperation with airlines and is acknowledged in the industry. A passed admission test is a declaration that you are capable of beginning your education as a pilot.

The admission test usually takes place on the last Wednesday of each month, and you can get further information of how to prepare by contacting us or participating in an information meeting. A short introduction of the admission test is that it is 4 written tests (English/Mathematics), a cooperation test, a simulator test as well as an interview. Finally then you will get your result before you go home.

The admission test costs DKK 1.000,- which you will be refunded if you start your education at CAPA.

After passed admission test you will need to pass a Danish medical class 1.

The medical test can be attempted at the following places:

Amager Strandvej 390
2770 Kastrup

Tlf.: 73 70 98 98


Aerodoc Vandel
Gammel Stationsvej 15,
7184 Vandel

Tlf.: 75 88 56 66


Note that there can be some wait. Also note that you must have a medical license issues by the Danish authorities in order to go to a Danish flight school. A medical issued by other EASA approved countries cannot be used.

A normal, healthy sight (max +/- 5), hearing, balance, and more is required. You also have to be living in the North and be 18 years old. The price of this test is approximately DKK 7.000,-.

One of the examinations at the medical office is the trace of alcohol or other drugs in the blood. It is naturally important that a pilot is not intoxicated at all during a flight. The limit for alcohol is up to 0,05 per mile and there can be NO trace of other drugs, including weed. Be aware that weed can be traced in the blood for up to 3 months after consumption. Other than it being illegal and grounds for expulsion from the school, it also means that in case of an accident the insurance won't cover. Be aware that the school and the Danish authority, Trafik- og Byggestyrelsen, at any time can perform sampling.

Furthermore before the beginning of the education we need guarantee that the financial situation is clarified. It can be troublesome getting a loan approved today. We have as the only pilot school made a guarantee in Arbejdernes Landbank and Spar Nord where we guarantee that we can finish all of our students, in order to accommodate this. Other than the advantageous deals we have made on behalf of our students, CAPA also, in certain cases, offers financing. Contact us for more information about CAPA Finance.

When you have passed the admission test and the medical, as well as having a financial guarantee then you are able to sign up for the course start at either January, April, August or October.