The future as a pilot

It is hard to predict the future, but prognosis both within and outside of European aviation points to a big expansion of air traffic, and combined with large amount of pilots reaching the retirement age, there should be a large demand for new hires of young qualified pilots. According to reports from Boeing and Airbus, the world requires an additional 500.000 new pilots before the year 2033, which is a number that far exceeds the amount of pilots that current training facilities can supply. Currently about 90-95% of our pilots are hired for a pilot job within 3-6 months after finishing their education.

Due to the financial situation in general, it has been quite difficult for many people to get financial aid for their education, which has resulted in years of small pilot numbers. It is worrisome for the industry, which is currently experiencing many cancelled flights due to pilot shortage.

The status on pilot recruitment at CAPA (October 2018) is that amongst the 80 students that we have educated over the previous two years 95% of them has a job as a pilot.

The requirements for newly educated pilots is a quality education as well as further flight experience to some degree. CAPA puts a great effort in helping the newly educated pilots in their search for a job. We make sure to maintain a good dialogue with a variety of different airlines, so that we constantly can adapt the education of professional pilots to match the needs of the industry. Furthermore, we make sure to aid with extra simulator time before the first job interview free of charge.

CAPA is audited and credited by Thomas Cook, SAS, Lufthansa Cityline, Norwegian, OSM, Wizz Air, DAT, JetTime and Air Greenland. Aspirants that meet other requirements set by the airlines can apply directly after finishing their education from CAPA, even without the general flight hours requirement being met. A variety of other airlines also accepts CAPA pilots directly after their schooling due to the general quality education that they have gotten.

These are places that CAPA students/instructors work at:

SAS, Air Greenland, WOW Air, Cimber, DAT, Northflying, Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air, Norwegian, Arik Air, Air Contractors, Bavarian, Air Berlin, Air Baltic, DHL, Star Air, IJM, Wizz Air, Thomas Cook, Atlantic Airways, Maximus, Jet4You, TUI, Safi Air, Cathay Pacific, Quatar Airways, Bremenfly, Emirates, Wideroe, Jet Time, Bio flight, Air Alsie, Irakian Airways, COWI, Sun Air, Regional Jet and many more!