The road to work in Jet Time could be ..

CAPA has many students and instructors working for Jet Time, a Danish company that flies many different operations both in Iceland and abroad. It is also at CAPA that JT conducts most admission tests for the company in our B737 XJ simulator.

Martin Brygmann Koefoed (BRY) - ATR 72  

Martin Brygmann Koefoed.

I graduated at CAPA after 1 year and 10 months and had a really good time at the school where, in addition to being a student, I was also an instructor on the school's B737 XJ simulator and tutor for the new students, which gave me a very strong network not only my own team but also to the other teams. That network was enhanced by the fact that I lived at the school's college campus.

I work today in Jet Time with CPH base that suits me perfectly in relation to my privacy. It has been a course that I can definitely recommend to others

Jesper Koefoed - father of BRY

After my son had found out that he would be a pilot and after studying the different schools offering the education, we chose CAPA, which is certainly not regrettable.

Good conversations with Anna about funding, relocating to Roskilde, everyday life at the education, future, etc., meant that he moved into Cloud Base College in August 2013 and started training. He was happy and excited about what the next few years would bring.
At the end of June 2015, MCC was passed and it was time to write CV and send applications, which did not result in any job. So, in September 2015, we chose an ATR 42/72 typing, which he held in Dublin last October 2015, and afterwards he was lucky that Jet Time offered him a admission test for their ATR operations for SAS.

The day after the test, he received an email with a job offering from January 1, 2016 - do I have to write that it was a happy boy who called me and told me?
The dream had come true - and in a Danish company based in CPH and reasonable terms, including pensions.
He was very happy for the almost 2 years at CAPA - it matured him a lot. He has made friends for life, not just from his own team, but from all teams during the time he was at CAPA. And through the education and the demands CAPA requires from the students, he finally learned that diligence with homework / preparation is something that makes you move on in life. And it's nice to read his reports from Line Training and Line Check, where everyone writes: well prepared. I think that has become a lifestyle with him.