The way to a job in Norwegian could be ..

CAPA has been approved and audited by OSM, which recruits for Norwegian. It means that our students can be offered admission tests for example to Norwegian, even during the course of the pilot program. In addition, we are proud to announce that from January 2018 we are going to train 8 cadets for OSM for a job in Norwegian, or one of OSM's other partners, see the press release here (1.8.17):

At OSM Aviation we are very pleased to launch our 2017 OSM Aviation Mentored Cadet Program in cooperation with Center Air Pilot Academy (CAPA). CAPA is one of the flight schools which has undergone OSM Aviation’s compliance and best practice audit and qualified for training cadets to enter OSM Aviation and fly for one of our airline customers after graduating.

At OSM Aviation Group we offer airlines worldwide to take care of their air crew members. You can see who our customers are at our website

We offer the complete value chain from recruitment to training, planning of flight duty, employment and HR management. All operational matters like uniforms and operational manuals and procedures will be handled by the airline you fly for. All the HR matters during your employment is handled by OSM Aviation. This means that we have our local HR staff and Management with local knowledge at the crew bases/offices to support you in all kinds of personal matters. We strive to be a good employer and a good partner for our airline partners - trustworthy and committed. Our motto at OSM Aviation is; it is all about people. This is where you come in: We wish to ensure the availability of professional well-trained pilots for the airlines we work with.

Jacob Lundby

In 2014 I took the step and started my journey towards my goal. It was to be a pilot! Ever since childhood, the two guys in the front have been my heroes and I would like to be like them. After finishing upper secondary education and a year in the labor market, Center Air opened the door and welcomed me in. They could offer me what I wanted and dreamed about the most!

The whole course of education from one end to the other is so good. It is the experienced people that you meet across the board, which has created the framework for the best work environment I've experienced in my life. And it was so cool that we had to fly the first day at school in their Piper PA28.

At the same time, Center Air was the one who paved the way for me into the big world where the big machines stood at the door. Together with OSM Aviation and Norwegian Airlines, a group of school students were sent to Norwegian Airlines, while we were still under training.
I am a relatively short guy on a daily basis, but in one week in the summer of 2016, when I received the answer of passing the test at Norwegian Airlines and passed my last test at Center Air, I was higher than even the biggest skyscraper! It was so cool!

On the picture, I sit as a First Officer as a fully trained pilot in the right seat on a Boeing 737-800, as I fly in and out of Copenhagen Airport. All that would never have happened unless Center Air had been by my side.
I have never imagined a better place to start my career in aviation!

Update per. 25.9. 2017: Just a month ago, I finished my 6 month flight in CPH, and I have now moved permanently to London Gatwick. London is such a nice airport and it's really a cool and completely different environment here, compared to Copenhagen.

There is a huge thank you to the management and the instructors at the school who have made all this possible! You are amazing!

Michael Frilund, MIF

From Dream to Dreamliner in 4 years!

I started as a pilot student at CAPA on April 12, 2012- the day after, I had my first trip on one of the school's Piper 28. At the time of writing, 4 years later, I'm on my way to work on one of the Norwegian Longhaul Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

At CAPA, things are controlled! The school is well funded, and from the first day it is set up for a professional attitude, which is the foundation of the values that characterize the airline industry.

I finished school in December 2013, and got my first job interview at Ryanair in March 2014. The school was very helpful in preparing for the conversation and provided me their simulator and instructor. April 1, 2014, I could sign the contract and start my job as First Officer on Boeing 737NG, and after 2 exciting and educational years at Ryanair with bases in Barcelona, Porto and Tenerife, I have now switched to Norwegian Longhaul to pursue my dream of flying overseas routes to America and Asia.

A huge thank you should read from here to owners, managers and instructors at the Center Air Pilot Academy.

Daniel Wennergren, DAG

I started my career at the Center Air Pilot Academy in January 2007. In July 2008 I graduated from the MPL course with an ATR type rating and a job in Danish Air Transport. After 3 good years in Danish Air Transport, I chose to change job to Cimber Sterling, as there was an opportunity to get on Boeing 737. But before I got that far, Cimber Sterling went bankrupt (in the spring of 2012).

At that time it was difficult to get jobs with only hours on a turboprop (ATR) and I therefore chose to buy a type of rating in Norwegian in August 2012.

Norwegian sought pilots for a self-sponsored type rating guaranteeing jobs. I was interviewing in August 2012 and started the following month. After a couple of months, I started on line training and when this was over, I got a base in Alicante, Spain.

After 20 months in Alicante, I became permanent and got a base in Bergen, Norway, where I was 4 months and then base in Oslo, Norway, which is my current base.
Norwegian is a really good job that offers many exciting destinations. On one's schedule there may be destinations like Svalbard in the north, to Las Palmas in the south, and this makes Norwegian a whole unique operator to fly for!