We will put you in front at Ryan Air

For many years, Ryan Air has employed a large number of pilots from CAPA, directly after graduation.

The recording rate of Ryan Air is on average about 50%, but students from CAPA are at an average pass rate of approx. 80%. This, in conjunction with the fact that Ryan Air is known to train pilots to a very high standard, proves that CAPA delivers an incredibly high and well-known standard in pilot training.

Ryan Air offers great good career opportunities for its pilots. As a Ryan First Officer (F/O), after reaching the 1500-hour MPA, you can apply for co-pilot SFI at Ryan Air ATO. As SFI, you will expand your skills in technical knowledge around the B737, get Teaching and Learning courses as well as Competence Based Assessment courses. All this while still flying as a regular pilot. A position like this will give you the opportunity to increase your confidence and improve your skills within presentation for colleagues and when it's time to upgrade to Captain Ryan Air, this process will be easier as you have gained extensive knowledge of SOP, technical systems, CRM and TEM. As Captain at Ryan Air, you will have the opportunity to become LTC, TRI or even TRE.

There are incredible opportunities at Ryan Air and CAPA is very impressed with Ryan Air's high training standard.