admission test to become a pilot student

To become a pilot trainee at CAPA, you must pass our internal admission test. A successful entrance exam indicates that you are deemed suitable to commence your pilot training.

The admission test typically takes place on the last Wednesday of each month. It consists of 4 parts, and you will receive the results afterwards.

The admission test is free of charge!


English and math written tests

For the admission test, you will be tested in written in English translation and comprehension, as well as mathematical skills involving calculations and number series. The tests are conducted without aids and without a calculator. The level is equivalent to a 9th-grade final exam.

We encourage practicing mathematical skills, ensuring proficiency in multiplication, division, and working with fractions on paper.



For the teamwork exercise, candidates will be tested on their ability to work together in a group. Tasks and roles will be assigned, followed by discussions and the creation of a shared consensus on a given issue and the corresponding action.


Simulator assesment

Under the expert guidance of one of our instructors, a part of the entrance exam will take place in our B737 simulator. The candidate will receive instructions to follow, and our focus will be on assessing the ability to receive instructions as well as the skill and handling of the simulator.

There is no expectation that the candidate has prior experience in flying a simulator (or any other type of flight).



Throughout all phases of the entrance exam, we aim to gain insight into the candidate’s personality—learning about who they are, how they handle challenges, and assessing their potential. This understanding is further explored during the personal interview. We emphasize the importance of a candidate’s drive for learning, the desire to undergo training, and the willingness to invest the necessary effort. We are interested in learning about your personality, interests, desires, ambitions, and support system.

The conversation is not about ‘casting’ individuals but rather about aligning expectations regarding the commitments and the numerous exciting opportunities that the pilot training program offers.