Come and stay at Center Air Pilot Academy for 4 intense days and gain a comprehensive insight into the aviation industry and how pilot training works.

You will stay at the flight school with other pilot trainees, and you will have ongoing interactions with them. In addition to providing enjoyable days with like-minded individuals interested in aviation, we will also offer you an overview of the fundamental theory that you will cover during a pilot education. In addition, you will have the opportunity to fly either the B737 or A320 simulator. There will be lectures and a movie night, and most importantly, you and a qualified flight instructor will go out for the first lesson in the pilot training program. This means you will actively fly with guidance from the instructor. If you have a logbook, the lesson can be logged.

Draft of a program at Aviation Camp:

Programme day 1:
Welcome and introduction to Aviation Camp
Accommodation on the school’s campus
Tour and visit to CAPA booking and workshop, including a walk around
Lunch Aerodynamics (theory)
Dinner and campus enjoyment (possibly volleyball/football)

Programme day 2:

Meteorology/Flight planning (theory)
Life as a pilot – Lecture by a former CAPA student
Evening activity (possibly a visit to SAR)

Programme day 3:
Visit to the airport including fire drills (if possible)
Simulator flying and briefing
Movie night

Programme day 4:
Briefing for the 1st lesson in the flight program
Preflight Inspection
Flight with an instructor

Important: Bring passport/ID (for access to aircraft), towel, sleeping mat/sleeping bag/bedding.

Price including flight, meals, and accommodation is DKK 3,495 for 4 days.

The course takes place in week 27 of the summer holidays in 2024, with a minimum age requirement of 15 years.

If you want to learn more about how we can turn your pilot dream into reality, you can sign up for one of our information meetings here.