Aviation day and AVIATION MATH

Aviation Day and Aviation Math

Twice a year, we expand our information meetings into full-day events where, in addition to providing lunch, we have more time to offer insights into what a pilot education entails. We’ll guide you in groups through the following stations: Introduction to the education, daily life as a pilot, basic theory, a visit to the airside/aircraft, and a session in the flight simulator. The event starts at 9 am and ends no later than 4 pm. Registration is done by clicking here: sign up to aviation day.
Our information meetings are held at the address Lufthavnsvej 48, 4000 Roskilde (Gate 48).

Introduction to Aviation Math – (Date coming soon). The course is for anyone who wants to refresh or strengthen their mathematical skills related to pilot training. Price: DKK 800,- Registration is done by clicking here: sign up

Aviation Camp 2024: Do you want to get up close and personal with aviation? In week 27, we invite you to a 4-day intensive introduction to aviation, life as a pilot, and simulator flying – with overnight stay at the flight school. Read more about “Aviation Camp”.

If you want to fly professionally, you need professional training!