As a pilot trainee at CAPA, you can stay at one of the school’s campuses. We offer a good campus environment where you live with your fellow students and have a short distance to school. Many students choose to stay at the school during their education as this contributes to a strong network, good friendships, and provides an opportunity to study and receive assistance from fellow students.

Each campus has common facilities such as a shared kitchen, living room, laundry room, bathroom, and toilet, etc.

Our campus environment is truly unique and provides the framework for good friendships, social activities, as well as a conducive training and learning environment.

Cloud Base campus West and East are located a bit further down Lufthavnsvej at Roskilde Airport. The rooms are furnished or partially furnished, and the campus has slightly larger common facilities. Cloud Base campus is a larger campus building with approximately 35 student rooms.

The price for a (furnished) room is DKK 3,600.

Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie campuses are located in immediate proximity to CAPA’s main building. All rooms here are unfurnished.

The price for an (unfurnished) room is DKK 3,500.

All prices include water/heating/electricity and wireless internet