Pilot certificate - Why choose CAPA?

As a graduate traffic pilot from Center Air Pilot Academy, you are ready for a first officer position in an airline. This is partly due to the completion of an extended MCC course (APS MCC) after finishing the training, where essential skills in a multi-crew cockpit are implemented, and knowledge about its functions is acquired.

It is our core values to establish a school with a good learning and training environment, professional surroundings, and instructors, and to equip our students to enter the aviation industry with their newly acquired pilot’s certificate.

We set high standards for our pilot aspirants, but we also expect them to set high standards for us as an educational institution. Therefore, it is of great interest to us that we offer an education that fully meets industry standards, and we stand behind a training program that we know is one of the best in the market. A program that we have been instrumental in setting the standard for, as we have done for more than 30 years.

Years of experience
The dream of international aviation

At CAPA, we have been first-movers in aviation education for many years. We contribute to setting the standard that the rest of the world follows. Choose CAPA if you aspire to fulfill the dream of becoming a pilot in international aviation, where the sky is your workplace. At CAPA, we not only train skilled and professional pilots – we train the captains of the future! If you want to fly professionally, you must be trained professionally!

Strong community and networking

If social interaction and a sense of community during your education are important to you, then CAPA is the right choice. Our campus environment is unique in that we strive to provide a supportive and open atmosphere that fosters strong friendships. We have multiple rooms distributed across several student buildings adjacent to the school. All student accommodations have common areas that encourage social and professional ‘get-togethers.’

Meet your future colleagues already during your education – perhaps you will share the cockpit with one of your classmates one day!

Expectations for yourself and for us

Pilot training is self-financed, and therefore, one also sacrifices a financial aspect when becoming a pilot. At CAPA, we aim to be on the same level and show great understanding for what one must ‘sacrifice’ to become a pilot. It is important to have the right expectations for oneself and the effort invested in the education. Pilot training is not a walk in the park. It requires dedication and hard work, with your head deep in the textbooks.

Just as we have expectations for our students, it is equally important that they have high expectations for us as an educational institution. We strive to offer the best pilot training by constantly improving ourselves and staying at the forefront of industry developments.

State-of-the-art aircraft fleet, bought and paid for

In 2022, we acquired a brand-new and state-of-the-art aircraft fleet from Tecnam. In this way, we have endeavored to stay up to date and keep up with technological advancements and the transition to greener practices, while providing the best conditions for a solid and structured education for our students. This brand-new aircraft fleet is fully paid for, and we can therefore assure you that we are a financially stable school, where decisions are not made based on borrowed funds

Combination of practical and theoretical education

Are you interested in combining hands-on skills with theory? Then the pilot training is guaranteed to be the right choice for you! The pilot training at CAPA is highly rewarding as it transforms theory into operational skills and proficiency. Not everything can be learned by reading, so there is also an element of ‘learning by doing,’ which is both fun and demanding

Everything is gathered in the same location: flying, theory, simulator courses, campus

The entire pilot training at CAPA takes place at one location in Roskilde Airport. This contributes to building a sense of community, enables flexibility, and fosters adaptability in the education.

Professional learning environment

At CAPA, we have a team of skilled full-time and freelance instructors, many of whom are current or former pilots from international airlines, bringing valuable industry experience. If you aspire to have instructors you can look up to and learn from, CAPA is the right place for you!