Information meetings at the pilot school

We have information meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 15:00 in our facilities at Roskilde Airport. You can expect the event to take approx. 2 hours, of which the first hour goes to general information about the education. Then you will have the opportunity to try our B737/A320 simulators.

All registrations for our information meetings are made electronically. You can register by clicking here: Registration

Aviation Days and Aviation Math

Twice a year, we expand the information meetings to full-day events, where, in addition inviting you to lunch, we have a better time to give an insight into what pilot training includes. We bring you around in groups to the following stations: Introduction to the pilot education, the everyday life as a pilot, basic theory, visits to airside/aircraft and a flight in one of our simulators. The event starts at 9:00 and ends no later than 16:00.
Registration is done by clicking here: Registration
Our Information Meetings are held at the following address Lufthavnsvej 48, 4000 Roskilde (Gate 48).

Introduction to Aviation Math – (Date coming soon). This course is for anyone who would like to refresh or strengthen the mathematical skills in relation to the pilot education. Price DKK 800

Registration is done by clicking here: Registration

Aviation Camp 2022: Do you want to get closer to aviation? In week 31, we invite you to a 4-day intense intro to aviation, life as a pilot and simulator flight – with accommodation at the pilot school. Read more under “Aviation Camp”

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