How to become a Pilot? Preparation and application to become a pilot student

Preparation before the admission test

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Itunes – Maths and physics for pilots

How to become a Pilot and student at Center Air Pilot Academy

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Admission test

To become a student pilot at CAPA, you must pass our internal admissions test. A passed test indicates that you have been declared ready to begin your pilot training.

The admissions test typically takes place on the last Wednesday of each month, and you can get more information on how to prepare by contacting us or attending one of our information meetings. In short, it can be said that the admissions test consists of 4 written exams (English/mathematics), a collaborative exercise, a simulator test and an interview. Finally, you will receive an answer to take home with you.

The admission test is free!

You can register by clicking here: Registration


After passing the admissions test, you must pass a Class 1 medical examination.

The examinations can be performed at an approved AeMC in either Denmark or abroad (however, it must be an EASA approved doctor).

You can find links to approved doctors here:
The Danish Transport Authority – Approved aviation doctors

In addition, we also recommend the Norwegian Aviation Medicine Center in Oslo:
Norwegian Aviation Medicine Center – Booking

A normal, health, vision (max +/- 5), hearing and balance, etc. required. You must also be 18 years of age or older.

One of the itemse being examined is whether there are traces of alcohol or other drugs in the blood. It is important that a pilot is not affected during flight. The limit for alcohol during a flight goes up to a max of 0.05 per mille, and NO trace of other drugs, including cannabis. Be aware that cannabis can be detected in the blood for up to 3 months after an intake. Besides it being illegal and grounds for expulsion from the school, it means that if an accident should happen, insurance will not cover for the damages. Be aware that both the school and the Danish Transport and Construction Authority can take samples at any time.


Before start of education, we must have written documentation that the financial situation has been settled. It can be a great challenge to get a loan granted today. To meet this challenge, we, as the only pilot school, made a guarantee in Spar Nord, where we guarantee a certain amount, which may be the factor that contributes to the bank wanting to finance the education. In addition to making some beneficial agreements on behalf of our students, CAPA also, in some cases, offers funding. Contact us more and hear more about CAPA Kredit.

Once you have passed both the admissions test, medical and have the funding in place, you can sign up for course start in either January, April, August or October.

The education is approved for increased SU (only with our integrated courses, modular courses do not give access to SU), and CAPA has contact with SU styrelsen.

CAPA trains pilots for the Greenlandic Self-Government. If you are interested in becoming a pilot and come from Greenland, you can read more on either Air Greenland’s website or Sumut.dk

Those who have permanent residence in Faroe Islands have, in addition to increased SU, the opportunity to apply for an extraordinary grant of approx. DKK 150,000 (contact www.studul.fo)