Prices and Financing for the pilot education

Prices for the pilot training program!

The price of the integrated pilot training program at CAPA is DKK 715,000 plus approx. DKK 20,000 in fees for tests and authorities.

Included in the price is all theory incl. books, all flight incl. a buffer of 5% in all phases as well as a pilot uniform, headset with bag and an iPad.

The is payment is done in monthly installments. We have a dropout rate of approx. 5%, and in the event that you withdraw from the education, a statement will be made of actual consumption/payments made, and if you have already paid more according to the statement, then that amount will be refunded.

Pilot financing

We know that many people today have a great challenge in getting funding for the education as a commercial pilot. We have tried to meet this challenge by having a cooperation with the following financial institutions:

  • CAPA Kredit
  • Spar Nord

CAPA itself as a company is extremely financially stable and has therefore chosen to re-invest in our students. For you as a future pilot at CAPA, this means that you only have to provide a cash amount of between DKK 150,000 – 350,000, as well as a corresponding security deposit. Note, however, that the cash requirement and the security deposit required to CAPA Kredit and the banks may vary, and that it is always an individual assessment of you and your finances. Contact us for further information. Please note that the loan with CAPA Kredit is interest-free for the first 6 months after establishment.

Before you start applying for financing, we recommend that you have passed an admission test (a requirement from CAPA Kredit).

CAPA is approved by the Danish Transport and Construction Authority for their “Good Practice” scheme: Read more!

It is possible to rent a room on our Campus (with a total of 55 rooms) at a price of DKK 3,500/3,600, – incl. Utilities: Read more!

If you do NOT live at the school, it is possible to receive a subsidy for mileage allowance: Read more!